Reigning In CHAOS

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I’ve just completed our FOURTH video update regarding our strategy to slowly reopen the City Life Building for live services.
In today’s video, I’ll explain what our prescreening, ticketing, and onsite screening looks like, as well as what some of the guidelines are for our gatherings.

Thank you, so much!!

Regardless of where you are, we all face an enemy in today’s culture. It’s CHAOS.

None of our lives are free from chaos. Some of you are possibly controlled by constant chaos. But you can push back on chaos!

Chaos keeps you guessing. It makes you feel you’re making no progress. It keeps you stuck in emotional loops.

Chaos is a whirlwind that engulfs you, not letting you out, blinding your way,  making it difficult to breathe, confusing you and making you feel hopeless.

Chaos is an enemy of the soul that causes you to live a scattered life.
You can’t control the chaos swirling around you in the world, but you can push chaos back in your own, personal, home life. I want to give you hope that your chaos will subdue.

I want to propose something to you that will hopefully revolutionize the way you approach life if you’ll apply it.

It has the power to reign in the chaos.

It has the ability to establish healthy boundaries and vibrant purpose. And it’s having a CODE to live by.

Not just any code, but a code that’s shared with others. One that comes from the depths of who you are. I call it a Family Code.

Family Codes bring order to a scattered life.

Order is where you can thrive. Order is where you can make decisions easily. Order is where you can soar. And a family code brings order to a scattered life.

Also, chaos subdues under a Family Code.

It has to! The whirlwind of chaos can’t survive where there’s order. And a family code brings order.

If you don’t have family codes operating, the end result is meandering through life, running from cause to cause, searching for significance, and continually wearing yourself out.

You actually put more pressure on yourself when you don’t have a code!
Without family codes, the pressure you put on yourself will lead you into despair and hopelessness in your relationships, and life vision will constantly be shifting.

So, no more chaos!

Now, there are actually THREE TYPES OF FAMILY.

  1. Blood Family: Literal physical relatives, spouses, and adopted children. The home.
  2. Local Church Family: People who are part of a local congregation.
  3. God’s Family: Children of God. Anyone who has been saved through the blood of Jesus. Christians.

Today, though, I’m talking about your own blood family. Your household.

Every family has a Code. That code is established boundaries the family operates within. There is a code for all three types of family.

And you’ll have a healthier soul when you operate within the boundaries of that family:Your blood family code.Your local church family code.And God’s family code.

Now, you may not think your blood family has a code, but it does.

Sure, it may not be written on the wall or spelled out in a book, but your family code is written on the hearts of the family members.

Unfortunately, in a lot of homes, the family code is so loose and weak, that the home breeds chaos, insecurity, and insignificance.

But if you’re the leader or head of a blood family, it’s your responsibility to clarify, issue and enforce your house rules…your family code.

Now, I asked the members of my family to share with me some of our Woody family code. These are boundaries that we operate in that push back chaos and bring order.

We never say, “I love you, but…”There’s no exception to love.

We love church. We don’t have to go, we want and get to go.Church is not a punishment.

Our home is a refuge for kids from fractured families.A place of safety and stability.

We behave the same at home as we do in church.With integrity and no need to be phony.

We believe the best about others

We believe the best about each other.

We honor the family

We never speak evil of authority.No distrust for the church is bred in our family.

Tithe. Always. No excuses.

My sons also brought up these elements of the Woody Family Code:

You can mess up, but just let me know. Don’t lie to me or let me hear it from someone else.This enabled the freedom to come to me and I became an ally instead of an adversary.

Church relationships are more significant than school relationships.

Spiritual health is more important than sports or academics.We never picked school over church. We would even help kids with homework if necessary.

Never go inside a friend’s house without permission.

Saturday is for serving and chores before going out to play.They always made it clear that other kids didn’t do that. Ha ha.

Everyone has a job in the home.Jobs would have been easier for us parents to do on our own and were more challenging to manage. BUT, we were training responsibility, not just getting something done.

Commission (not allowance) comes when jobs are done.Commission charts were on the refrigerator, earned all week, and rewarded at the end of the week. When he was old enough to work, commission ended and he would earn it on his own, plus begin to pay room and board.

You are responsible for what your guests do in your house. Be the leader.

Treat your mother with dignity. How you treat her is how you will treat your wife one day.This includes dating, Valentine’s day, cards, gifts, opening the door for her, and honoring femininity.

“I can’t” is not in your vocabulary.They would have to quote, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Stand up tall, look adults in the eye, smile, speak clearly.

Don’t leave towels on the floor.
So, that’s a brief glance at some elements of the Woody Family Code. It keeps chaos at bay when practiced!

YOUR family should have a code, also! Nail that chaos to the wall!
God sets the lonely in families, he leads out the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land. (Psalm 68:6 NIV)

Pastor Tim