As Texas Reopens, So Will the City Life Building!

City Life Church Update from Pastor Tim


I am excited to share with you that as a part of the Governor’s plan to reopen Texas, the City Life Building will slowly begin to phase back into congregational worship gatherings in the month of May.

I’ve created a 5-minute video that will introduce you to where we currently are and what some of our next steps will be. Take time to watch this video now!

This is just the first in a series of updates that will be shared with you over the coming weeks.

Keep in mind that as we reopen the building, we will not only be in full compliance with the Minimum Standard Health Protocols for Churches as issued by the State, but we will have even more stringent policies in place.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you exactly how we are working to prepare the City Life Building to be what I honestly believe will be the cleanest, best sanitized, and healthiest place you will be able to go in town.

Also, beginning next week, Tim@12 will only be held on Wednesdays at noon, so I can focus more time and energy on pastoring, leading and managing our ministry.

As I announced in the video, over the past several weeks, we’ve launched 14 new ministries. I’m so proud of the staff, elders, and volunteers who have stepped up to the plate, like never before.

Here’s the list:

Online Sunday Services – Live & On Demand via the City Life App, Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube. This has become our weekly gathering for worship & the Word.

Online Bible Study – Tim@12 – Live & On Demand via the City Life App, Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube.  This has provided Bible teaching while people are isolated, offering hope, and connecting with the Pastor.

Life Articles – Via the City Life App – This is practical encouragement to our congregation and utilization of varied ministry gifts from respected people in our church.

Online Prayer Meetings – Via Zoom – This is our opportunity to call on God, re-ignite the church prayer engine, and utilization of the Gifts of Holy Spirit.

Prayer Request Engagement – Via City Life App – This is encouraging prayer for specific needs that are then disseminated publicly or directly to the City Life Prayer Team upon the person’s request.

City Life E-Community – Facebook Group – This new group provides a way for our City Life Family to invite others to participate in the activities of our church without becoming a City Life Partner.

Partners Check-In – Via the City Life App, Church Website, and Partners Facebook Group – This is helping church leaders learn which City Life Partners are connected with the church, as well as receive updates on their needs and status.

Partner Care – Via phone calls and texts – This is allowing us to stay deeply connected, while leaders are empowered to minister directly to City Life Partners, discover specific needs, pray, and more.

Homeless Care – Via Saturday Covid-19 Relief Drives – This has allowed us to minister directly to the physical needs of the homeless in our neighborhood through the outreach ministry of Beautiful Feet during a time of reduced food donations.

Facility Disinfecting and Cleaning – Occurring Mondays and Saturdays in the City Life Building. Even though traffic is at a minimum, we are cleaning and disinfecting the facility before and after live stream recording sessions. Also, we have CDC prescribed disinfecting system established and at night, while the building is empty, we turn on an air purification system using ionized hydrogen peroxide molecules to clean viruses, mold, and bacteria from our building.

Facility Check-In System & Screening – We have created an electronic ticketed pre-registration system for services along with Check-In Station(s) and sanitizing stations at the main entrance.

The Greatest Adventure Children’s Show – Via the City Life App, Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube – This video ministry is keeping our children engaged with Bible teaching and spiritual growth.

The Legacy Podcast for Youth – Via subscription and direct links sent to teens. This is allowing for continued engagement of our teens, bringing Bible teaching and spiritual growth.

New Online Connect Groups – Some are currently operating and others are launching soon in a variety of ways. These groups will help keep all of us engaged and caring for one another.

This is YOUR CHURCH! Please feel free to reply and let me know how you’re doing.


Pastor Tim