Sickness and Suicide

City Life Church Get Involved, Update from Pastor Tim

An Update from Pastor Tim

Tim Downtown FtWMy heart it broken over the news of the loss of Robin Williams. I’ve been his fan since the pilot episode of Mork and Mindy, back when I was twelve years old. I’ve always been enamored regarding his energy, creativity, and adaptability as an actor. In fact, my family and I sat down together to watch Hook again, just three weeks ago.

I hate suicide. In my years as a pastor, I’ve held three different funerals for victims of suicide, and it’s not easy. Depression can be horrible, and I’m addressing it this Sunday at City Life.

Two months ago, I initiated my plans to share a message at City Life regarding worry, anxiety, depression and suicide. I entitled the message, Sickness and Suicide. It’s the second message in my Stressed Out series.

In light of what’s swirling in the media this week regarding depression and suicide, I’m glad God dropped it in my heart to prepare this message several weeks ago.

I want you to be there.

I’m asking you to invite people.

A LOT of people are asking questions about depression and suicide, and I don’t believe the church has historically dealt with it very well. I plan to present a message on Sunday that will give HOPE to those who struggle with depression. I’ll talk about suicide and may blow some classical myths the church has embraced regarding this topic. It’s time to eliminate the shame of depression.

Check out the video I prepared regarding this message. Please share this video with someone who might have questions regarding depression and suicide.

Stressed Out - Week 2As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be addressing depression on Sunday, but if you are struggling with it, I strongly encourage you to start a devotional / Bible reading plan that can begin to lay a foundation in your life for some help.

YouVersion is a terrific source, and I recommend these Six Daily Devotional / Bible Reading Plans to help beat DEPRESSION.

Sunday, I’ll talk more about it.

If you’ve NEVER struggled with depression, this message will be especially valuable to you. It may change your outlook on this painful condition.