How to Maximize Church

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This Sunday, it’s the second week of #ILoveMyCity #ILoveMyChurch, and Pastor Tim’s message is entitled, How to Maximize Church.

ILoveMyCity ILoveMyChurch“Church” is a living organism built with people in pursuit of Jesus. It’s not an organization or a building.

Yes, we must have organization. Yes, we must be organized. It is critical we have systems and strategies. But the “organization” is not the church. The church is a living organism.

Yes, we have a building. Yes, we own property. But the building is not the church.  The church is people who are in a relentless pursuit of Jesus.

It’s critical we overcome the idea that we “go to church as a religious duty or obligation.” In making that critical shift, we can then begin to leverage and maximize “church”, instead of going through a mindless exercise.

For the Children

Sunday worship begins at 11:00, and Pastor Tim will also introduce our For the Children campaign. Currently, 30 – 35% of all Sunday morning attendees are under the age of twelve. This presents exciting new challenges as City Life Center continues to grow. Discover how we are planning to Expand, Increase, Enhance, Create and Secure our Children’s Ministry.

These are exciting times for City Life Center.