#ILoveMyCity #ILoveMyChurch

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What makes a church a legitimate “church” rather than just another religious institution?

If a church is legitimate, then what role must it play in the city?

Do cities really need churches?

What does Jesus have to say about the function of a church in the city?

These questions and others will be the crux of our conversation at City Life Center in this new series of messages entitled, #ILoveMyCity #ILoveMyChurch.

ILoveMyCity ILoveMyChurch

Pastor Tim will share four messages that will challenge and encourage us to be a healthy, vibrant church who authentically loves it’s city.


Sunday, June 30: Why I Love My Church

Sunday, July 7: How to Maximize Church

Sunday, July 14: How to Love My City

Sunday, July 28: Is Church Relevant Today?


Sunday worship at City Life Center begins at 11:00 AM and concludes around 12:15 – 12:30 PM each Sunday morning in Downtown Fort Worth.