God’s Master Plan

City Life Church Get Involved


Many Christians find themselves at a loss for understanding God’s master plan for creation and the universe. Therefore, City Life Center is presenting a series of messages showing us how we fit into God’s master plan. The series is entitled, An Update Is Available.

Pastor Tim be tackling questions such as:

  • Why did God need to come into this world, walk around in human flesh, suffer a horrific death, and be resurrected?
  • What is really available to me through the resurrection of Jesus Christ?
  • How does sin impact my life, both now and in eternity?
  • What do we really have to look forward to as followers of Christ?
  • What are the problems and consequences associated with not choosing to follow Jesus?

Find out how a simple choice to receive “an update” can change everything.

Discover God’s master plan in this new series, An Update Is Available: Sundays, now through April 21 at 11:00 AM.