Leadership DoubleHeader Day @ City Life Center: Friday, April 26

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Do you desire to grow your leadership, keeping your values integrated?

If so, you should attend the Leadership DoubleHeader Day at City Life Center on Friday, April 26.

Event #1: Boundaries for Leaders Simulcast with Dr. Henry Cloud

9:00 AM – 11:55 AM, Friday April 26

Boundaries for Leaders BookCity Life Center presents Dr. Henry Cloud’s Boundaries for Leaders Simulcast from 9:00 AM – 11:55 AM. This simulcast addresses the leader’s biggest dilemma: What can I do to create organizations, teams, and cultures that thrive and get incredible results? Having a great strategy is not enough. To get results you also need to lead the people who will execute the strategy in ways that allow them to function highly.

Do you know the 7 boundaries that make everything work?

Join Dr. Henry Cloud’s simulcast and equip yourself and your team to get the results you desire. Plus, copies of Boundaries for Leaders and other tools will be available to keep you on track. Breakfast provided by Nosredna.

Admission and the breakfast is FREE, but registration is required: Click Here for Simulcast Tickets and additional information.


Betsy Price

Event #2: Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price at Marketplace Church

12:10-12:50 PM, Friday, April 26

It will be our final Friday for the Spring Term at Marketplace Church, and we’re ending with a message from Fort Worth’s top elected official on the topic of integrity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet our mayor and ask questions.