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City Life Church Get Involved

“I knew City Life was my church home four years ago when I walked into the service and heard Tim talk about imagining our church making a vibrant and thriving impact in our city. There was only a handful of people in the room. I jumped in as a leader and worked to create a space and community for those we were serving and ministering to, but didn’t experience my own deeper communal connections with my church family and questioned if that was possible for me as a leader. In the past four years, I’ve rested, connected, celebrated, mourned, and served with the family. 2015 has been the best year yet as God instructed me to intentionally connect more with my church family and be open to Him growing my relationships here. The bonds made this past year have blessed me personally as well as impacted my work in business and the marketplace. I love the convergence of life, work, ministry, and recreation under God’s family and Kingdom order where we thrive together through the challenges and victories. The journey is the destination and I couldn’t think of a better family with whom to journey with.” #humansofcitylife #makingjesusknown

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