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“I’ve been blessed to feel Agape love through multiple people. Like through my father growing up. He was a man after God’s own heart and he was able to love me unconditionally. Even when I was a silly kid and broke things and lied about it, he was constantly there and still loved me. As I grow up and fail or need someone to support me, he’s always there no matter what. I’m very blessed to have an earthly father, and a heavenly father, who has that Agape love for me. Also, I had a roommate in college who is now my best friend. I didn’t really know if she liked me for a while when I first became her friend but, she would keep coming around and ask questions about me. As time passed we were able to share secrets and deep moments in our lives where we’ve had insecurities and uncertainties about God or about who we are. Through her knowing my heart, she was able to help me see more of Jesus’ love for me!” #humansofcitylife #citylifefw

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