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We have a person who sets an example for us all of what true generosity is. He knows more about generosity than any of us possibly ever will. Jack is homeless and has no way of getting a job, but he spends his time collecting cans to sell. Every Sunday he comes to church with an offering. He faithfully gives and he does it with a joyful heart. Last week Pastor Tim brought Jack to Dinner: “I took Jack, my homeless church family member, to dinner at Waffle House last week. He knows how to select the best: Rib eye steak with a side salad. As he ate he quoted Kenneth Copeland: ‘everybody can use some prosperity,’ and then he added, ‘and there’s nothing wrong with prosperity,’ while smiling and eating his steak. I think Jack understands prosperity like I never will.” #humansofcitylife#citylifecenter#makingjesusknown#limitlessseries

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