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I had been through a divorce, and I felt like I had somehow failed as a wife and as a mother. I felt damaged. This was actually before I met the Lord. When I went to a church, I sometimes felt the continuation of the damaged label because I was singled out: “A Divorcee”, “A Senior”, or whatever it was, it became a label. I was trying to find acceptance in my struggles without being identified by my struggles. But now, I’ve found so much love and acceptance here at City Life Center. When I see other people that have different struggles, whatever those struggles might be, and I see City Life wrapping their arms around those people and trying to help them through the healing process too, that’s Jesus. And when I moved, I really did see Jesus with skin on, here on earth. Because people came and volunteered to help me move and they smiled through it. They were just so loving and kind. And they didn’t treat me differently. So, I became a PERSON instead of a LABEL, and I like that. #humansofcitylife#makingjesusknown

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