Sunday at City Life

City Life Church Get Involved

Grow HIS Presence

Sunday at 10 & 11:30 AM

This Sunday, January 25 at City Life, Pastor Tim will share the third message in his Let’s Grow series. I'm In Let's Grow!

Last week, Pastor Tim shared a message that is still being chatted about, entitled, Grow Your Legacy. If you missed it, be sure to listen to the audio podcast.  

This Sunday, Pastor Tim will share how to overcome a negative legacy that might have been handed down to you. Ultimately, we will learn to grow GOD’S presence. This is a message you need to hear!

Partnership LunchFollowing the 11:30 AM worship gathering, we will hold our Partnership Lunch! It’s for anyone who is interested in learning more about City Life, discovering our vision, and learning more about what makes us unique and thriving! If you desire to attend, please stay after the 11:30 AM worship gathering, and we will begin at approximately 12:50, ending by 2:30 PM

Lunch will be served for all attending as well as your children. Children’s Ministry is provided during the Partnership Lunch.

Partnership Lunch is the best way to to get to know City Life!