Wrestling With Tough Questions: An Update from Pastor Tim

City Life Church Get Involved, Update from Pastor Tim

Tim Downtown FtWI’m launching a new series of Sunday messages soon at City Life Center.

This three-part series is rather unique, because the topics were created from a list of questions submitted by YOU last month.

It’s been a lot of fun compiling the many questions submitted into categories and then finding a way to creatively answer about 95% of them in these three messages. I’ve entitled the series, Wrestling With Tough Questions.

Wrestling with Tough Questions SMALL

I created three “big questions” that will serve as a guide for each of these messages. If you listen closely, I bet you’ll hear your question addressed!

What About The Future


Sunday, March 30: What About The Future? The End Times. Eternity. Heaven and Hell. Who gets into heaven and who doesn’t? How is our eternal destiny determined?


Why Is Life So Complex

Sunday, April 6: Why Is Life So Complex? Anger. Rage. Abuse. Victimization. Sexual Sin. If God really has a plan for my life, why do such horrible things happen to me? Can I really believe in God’s promises?

How Does God Really Operate


Sunday, April 13: How Does God Really Operate? God the Father. God the Son. God the Holy Spirit. They all exist, but do we serve three Gods or one God? How do the three persons of God interact with each other and how do they interact with us?


Thanks to all who submitted questions, contributing to the design of these messages.

Pastor Tim