Dealing With PAIN In Life

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An Update from Pastor Tim

Tim Downtown FtWOne thing is for certain. PAIN happens in life.

Pain hits us when we least expect it. Pain can knock us down. Pain sometimes lasts much longer than we anticipated. Pain is simply part of our life on this earth.

Sometimes, trite religious answers don’t truly address the realities of our pain nor provide steps we can take to move through it. Pain can be immobilizing, and during times of pain, we sometimes make choices that only deepen or protract the pain. Often, others avoid us during times of pain, and we feel isolated, misunderstood and lonely.

Pain KillerThis Sunday, I’m launching a three-part series entitled, Pain Killer. I will share Biblical ways to overcome various types of pain in our lives. I really hope you will be here for all three weeks. These messages are deeply relevant to where we live and what we experience day after day.

These messages will also equip you to help others who are walking through periods of pain.

Please join me on Sundays in November at City Life Center.

Sunday, November 10: The Pain of Loss

Sunday, November 17: The Pain of Suffering

Sunday, November 23: The Pain of Rejection