Sunday, October 27 at City Life Center

City Life Church Get Involved

This Sunday at 11:00 AM: Why God Loves Rules

Why God Loves Rules

Have you ever wondered why it seems like God loves rules?

Do you know someone who is not interested in serving God because they feel Christianity is all about rules and laws?

If so, this message is for you!

Pastor Tim will expose truth that will open your eyes to the reality of who God is and why “rules” exist in the Bible.  You will be equipped to better answer these questions and others.

Discover how this common misconception of God and Christianity is far from the truth.

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Please note … it’s really a play on words. The question is not really “Why God Loves Rules”, but “Why God’s Love Rules”.

Also, Corporate Communion will be a part of this special service.


Partnership Seminar: Sunday at 12:30 PM, following Sunday Worship

Partnership SeminarThis will be our final Partnership Seminar of 2013!

Learn what City Life Center is all about and consider how you might be a part. You will enjoy meeting the wide variety of people who serve at CLC as well as learn our history and what we’re all about from Lead Pastor, Tim Woody.

An opportunity for deeper involvement as well as “partnership” will be explained for all attendees. Food and drinks are provided for you and your family.

Children’s ministry is provided, also!

If you are interested in attending, let us know by registering through our Facebook Event Page and click, “going”.