The LOVE Cruise

City Life Church Update from Pastor Tim

Tim Downtown FtWToday is the day I officially celebrate 25 years of marriage (although I’ve been celebrating for several days, already).

In 1988, Rebecca and I were young, zealous, and deeply in love. Today, we are still young, zealous, and more deeply in love.

Truth be told, the growth of love in a marriage relationship is an intentional strategy for both husband and wife. So, in light of my 25th Anniversary, I’m sharing two special messages on Sundays, August 4 and 18 entitled The LOVE Cruise.

Yep! I recall the days of The Love Boat series, so I’ve taken some liberty to change the name, and talk about how marriage is like a cruise.

The LOVE Cruise

Specifically, I’m addressing:

– how to prepare for marriage

– ways to enhance marital health

– and strategies to address negative trends in your relationship.

We’ll take a look at what the Bible has to say about relational health within a marriage.

If you’re married, engaged, or eventually hoping to get married, the content in this series is designed for you.