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How Vulnerability Builds TrustIntegrity

Fundamental human reasoning tells us if we’re vulnerable, we’ll get hurt. Isn’t that why we use gloves, locks, alarms, airbags and football pads? Of course!

In our relational life, we can get hurt as well. So, why be vulnerable to our children, our staff, or our team of volunteers? Isn’t it easier to hide behind position and insulate ourselves from the inevitable pain that seeks to consume us? Why attempt to meet the demands of reality? It’s best to just insulate ourselves from it all, right? Nope.

At City Life Center’s Marketplace Church in Downtown Fort Worth, we’re having complimentary lunch and some great teaching to encourage one another to live with vulnerability.

Here’s what’s happening:
Music by City Life Center’s Jordan Creson.
Pastor Tim’s message entitled, How Vulnerability Builds Trust.
Lunch catered by Z’s Cafe and sponsored by City Life Center.
Learn how to strengthen your integrity and character at work, at home and in the community.

Friday, March 1, 12:10-12:50 PM

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