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“My grandmother always told me, “Tina, I don’t care what you do in life or who you are, just make sure you aim to be the best at what you do. Give it all you got. So that when you go to heaven you can tell God, ‘I have used everything you gave me.” I have always tried to instill these words in my daily life. Lately though, I feel that I have let go of these words. I have turned into a complainer, and I am filled with discontentment. I have been struggling with a huge change in my professional career. This change puts someone in charge of me who doesn’t seem to see or even care about the extra miles that I go for the company. I have been feeling over worked and underappreciated. But this past Sunday, Pastor Tim said to have the attitude of “I can’t wait to grow this entrustment,” and that “my excellence will cancel out any discontentment I may have.” As he quoted Matthew 6:26 to us I felt 100 bricks lifted off my shoulders. In that moment, I realized, I should not seek validation from anyone. I should continue to THRIVE to be a VICTOR, and to NOT BE OFFENDED if I don’t receive recognition. I realized that being blessed with the skills and knowledge to go above and beyond is enough for me. God knows what I need. As long as I put Him first, He will take care of me. This alone makes me feel so CONTENT. Jesus’ love for me is truly ALL I need! Thank you Lord, for speaking to me through Tim!” #humansofcitylife #makingjesusknown

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