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“Baptism at this point in my life was very meaningful and important because of what has happened in the past year of my 45 years of marriage. My marriage was ending and their wasn’t much hope for it changing. I’d been praying for years for things to be different. It wasn’t until God showed me that He needed me to turn my marriage and Bruce over to Him completely and pray about what I was carrying in my own heart, that anything was going to change. So I did just that, and God took control of the situation.
Perseverance was my word that God gave me! God showed me He had a different plan for my marriage! So the Holy Spirit showed me how to trust God through His Word, how to forgive and what restoration looks like. Hope and trust is how I live now! Thank you to Pastor Tim, his beautiful wife Rebecca, our church family, and our children. You make it possible to know what love is. Thank you Jesus for your great love for me!” ~Judy Mcnicol

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