Final Friday Marketplace Church Luncheon

City Life Church Get Involved

It’s almost time for our Friday Marketplace Church Luncheon Summer Break. Our last gathering is this Friday, April 25, and it will be a terrific wrap-up for our Marketplace Heroes theme.

Fort Worth City Councilman Danny Scarth will join us as our guest professional.

Danny will share his inspiring story of going from a TCU athlete to a life of paralysis.

It’s truly a “David and Goliath” story of faith, diligence and remaining objective to overcome the negative odds stacked against him.

This local hero will both inspire and encourage you to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, no matter what adversity comes your way.

Complimentary Lunch Buffet is catered by Nosredna, and Pastor Tim will complete his Marketplace Heroes of the Bible series.

Be at City Life this Friday!

Here are the online notes for the message: