Marketplace Church: A Brief History

City Life Church Get Involved, Update from Pastor Tim

Tim Downtown FtWA Note from Pastor Tim:

One of the more unique aspects of City Life Center is our Friday Noon worship gathering, designed for downtown professionals. I get a lot of questions about this service, and it often seems as if I’m telling and retelling the story of Marketplace Church on almost a daily basis.

So, I have written a brief history of Marketplace Church to explain the formation and growth of this ministry. For more information on Marketplace Church, click the Marketplace Church graphic on the right of this page.

October 2011: The Dream


One month after the Grand Opening of City Life Center, leaders began discussing the unique needs of our Downtown Fort Worth Business District neighborhood. We felt that a Non-Denominational, Bible-Based, Jesus-Focused worship experience over lunch would be a positive extension of our ministry.

February 2012: The Launch

Marketplace Church launched at City Life Center, offering an alternative worship option designed for folks who work in our neighborhood. The format was streamlined, professional yet meaningful. Our format has not changed.


September 2012: Lead Like Jesus ThemeLLJ

Recognizing the importance of a seasonal theme, we adapted Ken Blanchard’s Lead Like Jesus theme, offering professionals a fresh look at servant leadership.


IntegrityJanuary 2013: Integrity Theme

Our second seasonal theme was adapted from Dr. Henry Cloud’s book, Integrity,encouraging attendees to live as whole people, using Jesus as our example.


February 2013: Necessary Endings SimulcastNecessary Endings Graphic - Version 2

Our first simulcast was held, arming our attendees with support and encouragement to “cut off” some stuff in their lives, opening the door to the next step. Dr. Henry Cloud’s presentation and the complimentary study guides provided offered everyone some refreshing new perspectives.


Boundaries for Leaders BookApril 2013: Boundaries for Leaders Simulcast

After the success of our initial simulcast, we held this second event to strengthen the resolve of the attendees to create healthy boundaries for maximum focus. Dr. Henry Cloud’s new book was featured in this powerful presentation regarding how to lead with more intelligence.


April 2013: Mayor Betsy Price at Marketplace ChurchBetsy Price

Honored by serving on the Mayor’s Faith Leaders Cabinet for the City of Fort Worth, we invited our mayor, Betsy Price to speak at Marketplace Church on the topic of Integrity in Leadership. We packed the house, as we wrapped up our Spring term at Marketplace Church.


15 laws

September 2013: 12 Invaluable Laws of Growth Theme

John C. Maxwell is considered the world’s foremost authority on leadership. As a former pastor, John understands and builds his teaching upon biblical foundations. I am using his 12 Laws as a backdrop, encouraging us all to GROW like never before!


If you are interested in accessing the online notes for Marketplace Church, go through this link for notes taking you back to the beginning of Marketplace Church.

I hope to see you at Marketplace Church!

Pastor Tim