How To Help Our Neighbors in West

City Life Church Get Involved, Update from Pastor Tim

Tim Downtown FtWThe plant explosion in West has captured our attention and saddened our hearts. We are able to respond, though.

City Life Center is a part of the Response & Relief Network, and you are encouraged to work directly through them. If anyone would like to volunteer, please go directly to the Response & Relief Volunteer Registration site.

The greatest need right now is blood. If you are willing to donate blood, please go through Carter Blood Care.

During a disaster it is our process to partner with local pastors and churches who are in close proximity to the disaster. This allows us to help meet many of the practical needs that might otherwise go overlooked by outside organizations unfamiliar with the unique needs and rhythms of a community. Ultimately, our goal is to bring glory to Jesus while meeting the needs of the hurting.

You will also be glad to know that our friends,  Chaplains Nathan and Cindy Timmerman, are currently in West.  They are connecting with the  churches and other concerned leaders to help provide counseling and to see that the needs of individuals and families are being met.

Pray for West.


Pastor Tim