Marketplace Church Resumes THIS FRIDAY!

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This Friday, January 18 is the restart day for Marketplace Church at City Life Center in Downtown Fort Worth.Marketplace Church

Marketplace Church is Non-Denominational, Bible-Based and Jesus-focused. This 40-minute Friday lunchtime worship gathering is a great way to wrap up your work week.

Here are the basics:

We meet from 12:10 – 12:50 at City Life Center, and your time is respected.

The atmosphere is non-pressured and relaxed. It feels a lot like a business luncheon.

Complimentary lunch is provided.

The typical agenda consists of:

  • greeting
  • lunch
  • live music
  • a brief talk from a business professional
  • a succinct, yet challenging message from Pastor Tim that connects God to our work and personal lives
  • a time of personal reflection accommodating optional communion, prayer, and introspection
  • prompt dismissal at 12:50 PM

Winter / Spring Theme

integrityOur backdrop for the next several weeks is Dr. Henry Cloud’s book, Integrity.

Pastor Tim will draw conclusions from this book as well as the Bible, opening our eyes to how we can live on a higher level and have greater impact in all we do, simply by walking in greater integrity.

In Integrity Dr. Henry Cloud explores how a person’s inner makeup colors every aspect of his or her life. He asserts that our ability to meet the demands of reality depends upon the integrity of our character. Throughout the book, Dr. Cloud explores six primary elements of character and how they interrelate to affect our effectiveness. He also makes a compelling case for how the vitality of our inner world connects to the results we’re able to deliver. In reading the book, you’ll come face to face with the chinks in your armor, but you’ll also inspired with hope. Hope that your character can change, and confidence in knowing that, as you strengthen your integrity, you will benefit in every area life.

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