When you arrive for one of our Sunday morning or evening services,
look for the City Life Parking Sign and follow it into the parking lot
located directly adjacent to our building at the intersection of
Texas and Florence St.
Metered street parking is free on weekends and after 6pm on weekdays.
There are Several “monthly contract” parking lots that surround 
the City Life building. City Life does not own these parking lots. 
Parking in these lots is not recommended.
For a map of available parking click this button:
Q. I am nervous about attending church, what is it like there?
A. The people of City Life are often described as lively, 
authentic, welcoming, and happy. The congregation is a 
diverse representation of Fort Worth with all ages,
ethnicities and religious backgrounds.
Q. What is the Children’s Ministry like?
A. Safety for children is a top priority of City Life.
There are security cameras in place and all volunteers
have mandatory background checks and interviews.
Also, a Fort Worth Police Officer is on duty to ensure
everyone’s safety. There is a cohesive check-in and
check-out procedure with name badges to ensure
safety for each child.
Q. What is the music like?
A. The music is energetic and lively. Many people have
been initially attracted by the music. If it is too loud,
there are earplugs made available each week.
Q. What is the pastor like?
A. Pastor Tim preaches a passionate, practical, life giving, 
Jesus focused message. He believes in building people up 
and sharing the “good news” of Jesus. Tim’s messages are
all inclusive, tailored for all ages, ethnicities, and genders.
Q. Where is the front door?
A. Enter through the door that says “Entrance,”
located on the Northwest corner of the building,
to the left of the “City Life Church” sign. If you
have children, a host will help you find the
City Kid’s Check-In.