Back in March, I shared with my staff that I believed we were moving into an 18-month window of time where we would be called upon to flex, adapt and adjust many of the methods of HOW we accomplish God’s work.

Earlier this summer, I felt impressed that this 18 Month Window would be broken up into three seasons as follows:

March-August: Wake Up Call

September-February: Regroup, Reposition, Plow Deep, Lay Foundation

March-August 2021: Build, Equip, Engage, Empower

I’m not trying to act like a prophet or anything (I think you know me). Rather, I’m a pastor, but I feel very strongly about this for our local church.

The 6-month season of the “Wake Up Call” is just about over, and hopefully, we’ve opened our eyes to the realities of spiritual dynamics at work in our culture and the church.

This next season centers around the term, “Regroup.” As we move into the Fall and Winter months, we must reposition as a church, plow deep, and lay a foundation for the days ahead. The church is and will be triumphant, and I’m VERY excited to be a part of it, and desire City Life Church to be in the middle of how God is using the church in this season.

We initiated our “Partner’s Regroup” on Saturday, August 22. It’s the beginning of our "City Life 2.0 Training,” which is foundational for us all to engage with so each person can be an integral part of this ministry in the days ahead.

If you missed the live event on August 22, It’s very important to participate via the following. Please watch or listen to each of these videos and complete the surveys.

SESSION ONE is about 30 minutes, and contains the following two talks:

  • Austin Davis - Take the Challenge to Own Your Church
  • Tim Woody - Our Status and Strategy: Equip, Engage, Empower

SESSION TWO is about 55 minutes, and contains the following talks and activities:

  • Austin Davis - Enneagram for Saints. Please click below to access your enneagram survey.
  • Breakout Groups Feedback with Pastor Tim: Responses to the question, “How do we create grass-roots church ownership for the future?"
  • Jake Nunn - WHY Do We Serve?
  • Tim Woody - The Harvest is Great: Systems Redesign
Enneagram Assessment

SESSION THREE is about 30 minutes, and contains the following talks and activity:

  • Congregational Q&A with Pastor Tim: Open Questions
  • Joel Black - Small Group Hosting Hacks
  • Tim Woody - YOU are Empowered
Complete the Interest Form

After my final talk, I encourage you to complete the Partner’s Regroup Interest Form by clicking the button above. You are not “committing” yourself to any particular area of ministry, but you are making it know that you are interested. If you already serve in any particular area, please mark those areas. Also, please let me know your Enneagram results and your primary “Cultural Street”. If you’re unfamiliar with Cultural Streets, please take our survey through this link.

If you have any questions, just email the offices at

Thank you so much for participating! There is a new groundswell happening as we redesign how we do church, and I’m so excited for the days ahead.

Pastor Tim