We have been married now for six and a half years and have three children. Gianna, Jagger, and Lennox. Our relationship officially started when we were 16 and 18 years old which has allowed us to do a lot of growing up, and maturing together. From the moment we knew we loved each other we were also discussing when we would want to have kids. We both agreed we wanted them sooner rather than later; which led to Gianna gracing us with her presence in our third year of marriage. Our two younger kids, Jagger and Lennox, are each 22 months younger than their older sibling. Having our children so close together has provided us with the fast paced but extremely rewarding season of life that we are currently in, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In our marriage, one of the biggest characteristics we try to exemplify is selflessness. Going through our early twenties together and then bringing children in to that equation has presented itself with all kinds of personal growth opportunities. From financial to familial to personal issues, your early twenties is when you typically figure all those things out. So, when you throw in the fact that you also have four other humans that rely on you for different reasons you really have to figure out who you are and what you believe in a very short amount of time. Together we feel like we have a lot to offer to young couples and couples in the early stages of marriage because of the seasons that God has already brought us through. We like to bring a very positive, fun energy wherever we go; while also making those we are with feel comfortable and safe. Our favorite way to spend time with people is in our home, over a meal with good conversation, and a potential board game if your feeling competitive. Honestly though, we just love connecting with people and making new friends every chance we get. Life is best lived in the company of friends.