Cowtown Marathon

Sunday, Feb 27

The Cowtown Marathon is on SUNDAY, FEB 27. That means that roads will be blocked from 7am-11am on Sunday morning. This will affect our commute in for Sunday services, especially for those who are serving. Below are a few details about how you can get into downtown, avoiding the roads that are blocked by the marathon route.

Coming in from the West side of downtown?

Head East on 30 and take the Cherry St. exit as shown on the map below.

Coming in from the East side of downtown?

Head West on 30, turn around at the University exit and take the Cherry St. exit on the way back into downtown.


Head East on I-30 and take the Cherry St Exit. 

Go straight on Cherry and make a left onto 10th St.

Turn left onto Macon and head straight down to the Partner's Parking area.