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God has brought City Life Church, and many of your lives, SO FAR!

It’s only been through tenacity, grace, hard work, prayers, faith, diligence, love and generosity that we’ve come this far. 
And I believe the BEST is YET to come! Sunday, February 10 is going to be a highlight day for us.

As a pastor, when you’re on the journey of building a local church, so many times there’s the temptation to just throw in the towel and give up. But I’d never let that thought take root. I know that God put a vision in my heart, and it compels me to press forward. I learned to cast down those negative thoughts and replace them with truth from God’s Word. And that’s how miracles take place. Because this church truly is a miracle.
Like the scriptures tell us, the local church is like a garden (1 Corinthians 3:6-9). We plant and water, but GOD, and only God brings about the increase. But if we quit laboring, if we stop planting and watering, the garden becomes full of weeds. It dries up, and there is no increase.

City Life Church truly is like the story of the garden. If we settle into apathy, we regress. But if we refuse to settle for less than the garden of our dreams, we will see a miracle harvest! We labor, plant, water, pray, serve, get our hands dirty, and not give up. Then, God blesses us with his presence and he draws people to him. In fact, more people lifted their hands and prayed a salvation prayer this month, than any month on record in the history of our church. PEOPLE are the miracle harvest

Your life is like a garden, also. If your life goes untended, the soil of your heart becomes hard, parched and full of weeds. The seed of God’s Word has trouble taking root, and conditions begin to worsen in your life. You begin to experience fruitlessness and dryness. You feel like God is a million miles away when in reality, God can’t bring the “increase” in your life, because you’re not working the garden of your heart.

How does your heart get to a place like that? You neglect the simple things. You are not worshiping and hearing the Word of God with fellow believers and receiving spiritual nourishment. You are not sharing your faith, in one way or another, with people around you. You are not spending personal time worshipping, praying and reading the scriptures. You are not serving or living out a life of generosity.

I’ve seen it happen so many times. When a person lives like this, there really isn’t a harvest anymore. It’s often accompanied by anger, disillusionment toward God and the church, personal hatred and so much more. Ultimately, you’ve settled for less.

Why be in church? Because it’s a garden where you can grow and flourish. You will be challenged to live above the status quo. You will be encouraged to plant and water the seed in your lives and in the lives of others. You will find yourself cultivating your own life, and that’s when you open the door to greater miracles than ever before!
God has a miracle in store for you! So, don’t settle for less!!! Your BEST is YET to come!

Pastor Tim 

Sunday Quote:

“Your miracle is waiting. Don’t settle for less!”

Pray with boldness and ask God, with humble faith, for big things. He will give you so much more than you can even ask or imagine. 

Launch Sunday is only 12 days away!!

On Feb 10 we will be initiating 3 new service times. I love seeing God grow the City Life family and it’s time to expand our stakes and make room for more!

The new service times will be 9:00am10:30am and
12:00pm. Have you decided which service you will attend?

Also, with the new service, times there is a huge need to grow our Serve Team by about 30%. If you have yet to find a place to serve, you can sign-up for an area of need through the button below. 


I am inviting YOU to have a late lunch with me on Sunday, February 17.

If you want to learn more about what City Life is all about, I want to invite you to have lunch with me at the next Welcome to Church event.

It will be held the week after Launch Sunday on Feb 17 in the City Life Auditorium, immediately following the Noon service at 1:30 pm.

Lunch and childcare will be provided and I would love to meet you and share more with you about where City Life has been and where we are headed!

Click the button below to register!


Closing Thoughts

What miracle do you need from God?

Specifically, what is the miracle you need from God? Can you state it in one sentence? Are you willing to be BOLD and to ask God for it? Are you willing to keep asking, keep praying, and keep believing even if you don’t see it happen right now?

Push back those negative thoughts. Let go of those critical words people have spoken over you. Remember this: The enemy will shame you in the area God wants to use you the most. He wants to tell you that you’re not good enough. Jettison that old identity that’s held you back! Let go of that shame from your past.

God says: “Instead of your shame you will receive adouble portion, and instead of disgrace, you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.” (Isaiah 61:7)

Memorize that! LIVE IT!!! Don’t settle for less than what’s in this passage!
Your shame is a sham. Dare to believe DOUBLE! God can and will do exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ask or imagine! It’s time for you to believe like never before. 

Your miracle is waiting. Don’t settle for less!