City Life Church Get Involved

2 services

City Life now holds TWO Sunday Worship Gatherings, 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM

Which will you attend?

Bring a friend with you this Sunday.

Also, check out our new drop off zone in front of our building! Now, you can pick up and drop off family members before finding a parking space. Huge thanks to our Usher/Parking Team for making this happen. It all starts this Sunday, January 11.


New Series: Let’s Grow!

I'm In Let's Grow!On Sunday, January 11,  we are launching a new series of messages based upon our 2015 theme scripture.

It’s called, I’m In, Let’s Grow!

There’s no time like now to initiate a growth spurt in your life. The stress and busy-ness of life has the tendency to keep us all stagnant and living life on a treadmill, but that’s not God’s plan! Discover how you can GROW in 2015, by making simple choices.


Here are the titles of the four messages in this series:

Grow Your Influence

Grow Your Legacy

Grow Your Presence

Grow Your Intention