Sunday Worship @ 2:00 PM This Weekend!

City Life Church Get Involved

Cabin Fever?

City Life Center has devised a strategy to abolish Cabin Fever by Sunday afternoon.

We are CHANGING our Sunday Worship start time this week to 2:00 PM this Sunday only!2 clock

Mr. Weatherman says it’ll be well above freezing on Sunday afternoon in Downtown Fort Worth, so we will hold a unique Sunday afternoon worship gathering at 2:00 PM, instead of the typical 11:00 AM.

CourageHere’s the plan:

1) Everyone should invite ONE PERSON to church this Sunday at 2:00 PM.war

2) In addition to our typical worship structure, we will hold a mini-Christmas concert, featuring the music prepared for the Mayor’s event last Thursday.

3) Free coffee for all attendees! Use your CLC coffee card, or get one from a greeter if you don’t yet have one.

4) We will worship Jesus!
Creek5) Pastor Tim will share the first message of his Christmas series, Christmas is For-Giving.

Jump6) After church, relax in Buon Giorno!

Be there! It’ll be a great way to end Cabin Fever and get this ice storm behind you.

HighRemember: Two O’clock!